Bitshakers is a boutique technology house, specialising in desktop and browser applications with special focus on games, video and e-commerce solutions. Our services include:

Product and Technology

We are a one-stop-shop for all of our clients' development needs. Our staff of developers and project managers possess the skills, knowledge and experience needed to manage development projects from start to finish, including custom integrations and tailor-made solutions. Take a look at our existing apps to see the wide range of solutions we provide.

Engagement Solutions

Getting users to visit your site is challenging enough but engaging them and keeping them coming back for more, is the key to success. We have a variety of solutions tailor made to fit your specific user-base and your business model – all geared to get your users engaged in your products and coming back more frequently.

Retention Solutions

You have invested money in acquiring new users; they have engaged with your product, but how do you keep them coming back for more? We provide unique revival and direct communication tools that will retain users that otherwise would have been lost forever.

Business Intelligence

We provide you with insightful engagement and retention analytics about your users. Using our personalized real-time dashboards, you will gain invaluable information about your users behavior and better understanding of your business.