About Us

Bitshakers is a boutique technology house, specialising in desktop and browser applications with special focus on games, video and e-commerce solutions.

Bitshakers is home to a variety of products that provide an engaging and productive online experience for your users.

We build, market and deliver a wide variety of social and entertainment products, all conceptualized and developed in-house and some in cooperation with our partners.

Based on years of experience in developing and monetizing browser add-ons; we have successfully distributed our services to millions of users worldwide.

As a desktop app and browser add-on developer, Bitshakers boasts over 500,000 daily installs. Our strong, existing product line and high technological, in-house capabilities as well as our very own distribution channels, are all key factors directly contributing to our clients’ success.

our team

The Bitshakers team works in a fun, collaborative environment where creativity is encouraged, talent is respected, teamwork is embraced and achievements are recognized and celebrated.